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  • Zupreem Nature's Promise Chinchilla Pellets 3 lb. Pouch

    ZuPreem® Nature's Promise Premium Chinchilla Food is made from long strand, high-fiber, premium Western Timothy Hay with fresh ground vegetables for a fresh aroma and taste your pet will love. Formulated with Omega Fatty Acids which promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. Added vitamins and minerals with no soy or wheat to cause your pet digestive upset.
  • Oxbow Natural Science - Vitamin C Supplement

    Natural Science Vitamin C supplement is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing the essential stabilized vitamin C that guinea pigs need, and other animals benefit from during times of stress, illness or recovery.
  • Higgins Sunburst Guinea Pig 6/3lb

    The premier fortified gourmet guinea pig diet that is loaded with more natural goodies than anything on the market! You’ll be impressed by not only the premium quality of the ingredients but the quantity of select natural treats. Sunburst for Guinea Pigs has alfalfa pellets, oats, wheat, sunflower, barley, shelled peanuts, safflower, pumpkin seed, flaked peas, flaked carrots, flaked beans, flaked corn, raisins, bananas, pineapple, and papaya.
  • Higgins Vita Guinea pig 6/3lb

    Higgins popular fortified, pellet based diet is scientifically blended to meet your guinea pigs’ vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fiber, and digestive enzyme needs. An eye catching, premium mix that will attract even the finickiest of eaters. Diet includes: alfalfa pellets, flaked corn, flaked peas, flaked beans, and flaked carrots.